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Lead For Change experience


The pedagogy designed by BSB is highly practical, focuses on the acquisition of new soft skills and uses the “Do and Learn” approach. Our mission is to allow you to discover yourself, to identify your aspirations and to imagine the world of tomorrow.  In this way, your journey at BSB becomes a rhythmic series of immersive experiences and meetings with inspiring leaders that will bring you to discover your own path to success, for your own benefit and for the benefit of the world around you. 

Revealing your personality

At BSB, we believe it is essential to build a professional project that makes sense, in line with your personality and your values. 

Personal development is therefore at the heart of our support. More than 3000 hours of personal coaching are offered to you, to allow you to define a professional project that reflects you… yourjobfulnessⓇ project ! 

In the Masters Grande Ecole, our Talent Booster programme will help you develop your potential with a unique approach over three years, where coaches and professionals work with you to reveal your personality, cultivate your differences and identify your talents. 

Getting Inspired

Designed to enhance your geopolitical, economic, and cultural experience while meeting unique and inspiring personalities, our “Meet-up Inspiring Leaders” conference cycle allows you to explore other visions of the world. Each month, you meet business leaders, philosophers, experts, geopolitical actors, start-upers who, each in their own way, have decided to act to become agents of change. You will discover women and men who have not been afraid to shake up codes, to be agile, to take risks…

Tomorrow, will that be you?


Guillaume Gibault

Founder and CEO ofLe Slip Français

Raphaël Enthoven

Philosopher and Journalist

Pauline Laigneau

Co-Founder of Gemmyo

Being agile and anticipating change

At BSB, we work with you to develop your agility, your curiosity and your appetite for change, to make you an adaptable manager able to engage with the changing world of tomorrow. 

With the digital revolution and societal transformations, the jobs of tomorrow will not be the same as today’s jobs. 

This is why at BSB, beyond training, we teach you to learn, to question certainties, to consider the impacts of your activities but also those of technological, systemic or even geopolitical changes.  

Embracing our digital environment

New technologies are now everywhere, integrated into the daily lives of billions of people, constantly evolving and offering infinite possibilities. At BSB, we The leaders of tomorrow will have to know how to make the most of them while protecting users.  

At BSB, we believe that the leaders of tomorrow will have to know how to make the best use of it while protecting the users. So we have designed specific programs:

Open Digital Workshops: Open to all our students, these workshops, led by experts, cover the essential themes of the digital world: Blockchain, Growth Hacking, Social Media… to help you take the digital transformation.  

Deep Dive Artificial Intelligence: This Master Grande Ecole module invites you to better understand the evolutions of tomorrow’s world and the stakes of Augmented, Ethical & Responsible Intelligence. 


Getting involved

To enable you to become an agent of change is to enable you to be outward-looking, to be aware of your impact on the environment and your role in society, but also to have in mind both your power and your responsibility to make change happen.  

From the very beginning of your program, BSB plunges you into a responsible innovation challenge: THE INNOVATION SPRINT, where you will have to respond as a team to the CSR challenges (Corporate social responsibility) of the three partner companies. 

Within the Masters in Management programme, the module MY MISSION LEAD FOR CHANGE encourages each student to invest 40 hours of their time volunteering in a social and/or humanitarian mission: “Les Restos du Coeur”, “Le Secours Catholique”, school support… This experience is a unique opportunity to discover new horizons, to deconstruct your thinking while contributing to the causes you believe in, while developing your skills as a responsible manager. 

With BSB POSITIVE IMPACT, we train you to become a responsible manager and we encourage you to carry out projects with a positive impact, within an association or in an individual approach. You can express your commitments by conducting outreach projects within the school on such varied subjects as encouraging diversity, combating inequality, developing good environmental practices, fostering mutual aid… 

Opening up to the world

Dreaming of an international career?

BSB is your first step and opens the doors of the entire world to you.  

Bring a French touch to your career, develop your creative and entrepreneurial spirit thanks to the famous French business approach and also take advantage of the many partnerships that BSB has built up all over the world: 

• More than 180 international partners to study a full semester or year 
• BSB x McGill: the opportunity to take a semester of courses in Humanities at the Faculty of Arts at the prestigious McGill University, taking courses alongside students from the departments of Communication Studies, Philosophy, Psychology and Political Science.  
• For Bachelors students: partnerships with Ireland and Canada from the first year to take intensive English courses. 
• For Masters students: modules of excellence taught by international professors, recognised globally for their expertise.